See what John Taylor Drives can do

Let’s admit it, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a lawn that flourishes like it’s been created by Percy Thrower. Most homeowners that live in suburban areas that have climatic conditions that disallow grass to grow in their lawn. Even if the weather conditions are pro-lawn, having children and pets makes it really hard to actually grow grass. This is where the turfing service of John Taylor Drives comes in. Unlike seed plantation, turf does not require children and pets to not step on it for a couple of weeks. Its immediate installation eases the stress of ruined grass on home owners. The best part about laying turf is that you get instant results and no hassle!

John Taylor Drives help speed up the creation of your landscape design. The weeks normally planted grass requires to grow, slows down work by a considerable amount, but with laying turfs, the delay is avoided. What you get is healthy lush grass which your children can have fun playing on.

John Taylor Drives do not just lay turf on your lawn; we make sure that the grass will be long-lasting. The turfing process is multi stepped, we first prepare the soil in your garden with the proper nutrients so that the grass doesn’t just stick to the ground, but catches root under soil.

The grass we have is also of a superior and durable quality which can withstand heavy rain and extreme weathers. Once we’re done turfing your garden, all you have to do is to mow and water your lawn so your grass remains lush always.

At John Taylor Drives we understand how important the landscaping of your home is to you. That is why we take utmost care to serve you the best of our abilities. When it comes to turfing, our highly skilled workers will first examine your lawn to see what needs to be done to prepare it for turfing. Our cooperation is guaranteed at every step of the job and we will provide you complete information on how to take the best care of your lawn.

Why consider Turfing?

  • Easy maintenance
  • Highly skilled workforce
  • Provides a smoother, fresher look
  • Good for uneven, muddy lawn
  • Fast and reliable service
  • Friendly and efficient staff